Various software products from on-line data acquisition at the rig site to office the data processing systems are covering wide range of the mud logging needs. We believe that the software installed to Five Star Petroleum mud logging unit is an essential part of the services we provide to our clients.

Gateway Oil and Gas Drilling Technology Control Integrated System

On-line data acquisition and processing, database recording, drilling parameters control, precise calculations makes real time well monitoring easier and more effective than ever before. The main features of the on-line software package are:

  • Drilling status definition.
  • Hydraulic, PVT, bit, formation evaluation and other calculations.
  • On-line hydrocarbon chromatographic gas analysis system.
  • Variety of the screen patterns, where every important parameter can be included to monitor.
  • Dxc, swab, surge and hydraulic calculation.
  • Data history plays back.
  • Drilling, tripping, casing monitors.

Gateway Oil and Gas Drilling Technology Control Integrated System is the real time intelligence system of data acquisition, data processing and data managing, distributed in a local network. Software configuration are:

  • The main computer plays the role of on-line data acquisition and data storing server.
  • The computer for data processing, reports and logs building and printing.
  • Additional remote workstations for company man & well site geologist.
  • Rig monitor located at the driller working place.
  • The central server computer provides the following functions of system operation.
  • Connection of up to 100 sensors.
  • Data collection from peripheral sensors and immediate saving to the computer storage for news processing.
  • Sensors calibration, including sensors with nonlinear responses, and a mathematical filtration of the noise.
  • Data exchange with different types of chromatographs, calibration and processing of the chromatogram.
  • Main technological parameters.
  • A control of mud gain/loss.
  • Parameters of deviation for the current bit depth.
  • Hydrodynamic calculations in the well.
  • Real-time control of the gas in the hole and surface equipment.
  • Real-time control of the cuttings in the hole.
  • Real-time binding of the parameters to the lag depth.
  • Real-time D-exponent and SigmaLog calculations.
  • Calculation of the technological operations and modes duration.
  • Parameters summary and statistics for each bit run.
  • Parameters calculations for different technological modes: drilling, tripping, casing, kick control etc.
  • Saving parameters to a Data base of mud logging unit server.
  • Providing the remote clients by real-time data.
  • Periodic auto save of the data to avoid data loss in case of power supply fault.
  • The log of system operations and operators control.

This software can be integrated to wide range of the hardware data acquisition systems, signal conditioners, analogue digital converters by our specialists after conducting detailed technical analysis of the interface of interconnection of the client equipment.

The remote workstations are provided with the specialized software and the equipment of on-line review of the data. The remote client workstation can be equipped with video/sound conference facilities providing on-line visual communication between workstations in the local net.

The software has no limitations for connected workstations of real – time data monitoring. The monitoring forms and screens are formed by specialists of our company depending on the customer request.

Data Processing Interpretation Center

Data Processing Interpretation Center – DPIC

We pay much attention to database storing, data integration and interpretation, reports producing and up to scale fine logs printouts. That is provided by means of software kit, which allows the preparation of the data in a modern style according to the requests of the Customer as follows:

  • Database editing.
  • Flexible graphic and numeric screen and print forms design.
  • Wire-line and mud logging data integration and correlation.
  • Continuous colored print logs using numeric and graphic forms on normal or transparent media.
  • Data re-processing and reports building.
  • Lithology interpretation and lithology percentage managing.
  • Stratigraphic and formation representation.
  • Geologic, operation, fossils, text and/or other special signs comments.
  • Supporting a variety of data storing formats and import/export conversions.
  • Final well report produced up to the Customer request.

Pressure Evaluation

Pressure Evaluation – P-eval

The evaluation of formation pressure by Gateway Oil and Gas P-eval software is an integral part of the well planning and formation evaluation process. P-eval provides a successful estimation and calculation for:

  • Pore pressure evaluation.
  • D-exponent calculation.
  • Sigma log calculation.
  • Overburden pressure.
  • Fracture pressure.
  • Kick tolerance.

Data Scan Communication - DSC

By using modem and data transmission possibilities; the database, the screens and/or printouts that you choose can be produced at any company location anywhere in the world. The database can be transmitted in real time or in replay modem via telephone, radio or satellite provided that the link is suitable (necessary line quality…etc.). This gives facility to the client’s main database system to be in connection with the well site unit data information system. The data transmitted can be displayed or printed out using different forms or screens format.

The Network

The way of communication between the software components is built on the DCOM technology and leaves no chance for data loss or misinterpretation that is why it is open for import/export procedures of other data storing formats.

Geologist Workstation

The combination of the hardware equipment and software tools makes the geologist workplace affective and easy to use environment to fulfill complete geological service including:

  • Total gas detecting system.
  • PH meter data interpretation.
  • Auto calcimeter data processing.

The Software Policy

We, at Gateway Oil and Gas company, consider that our services is not complete until we fulfill all the customer requirements, since our flexible software products allows us to meet every reasonable request from the client.

Early Kick Detection System (EKD)

Early Kick Detection System

Gateway Oil and Gas researches supported by many petroleum companies have shown that (EKD) Early Kick Detection system offers cost reduction benefits in exploration and production from high pressure and high temperature formations. Early kick detection system can be used as a standalone system or integrated with the mud logging service. The hardware part of the system configuration uses three flow meters to measure delta flow; one on the flow out line, another on the standpipe flow in line, and the third on the flow line from the trip tank to annulus. Gateway Oil and Gas early kick detection system is designed so that a variety of different flow sensor technologies can be used, including (electromagnetic flow meters, mass flow meters and Doppler sensors). Signals from the three flow meters are fed to a high speed computer system for real time processing using dedicated software which models the dynamics of the mud in the hole. Early kick detection systems have the capability to reliably detect less than one bbl of formation fluid influx for high pressure high temperature wells in order to minimize well control safety risk and maximize possible well operations/design cost benefits.